How to fix DELL C6100 BMC’s website crash

DELL C6100 is very popular in second-hand server market. Thanks to extremely dense server (4 Node in Rack 2U) with very low price (around 2,000USD for 24GB per node configuration)

Some of us might experience the issue that BMC website was crashed (request timeout when redirect to SSL). Normally, What I need to do is to pull the node out from main cabin and push it back to do a power-cycle to reset the BMC. But now I’ve found an alternative solution which don’t require the physical access to machine.

Software required:
IMPI Viewer from Supermicro

Step 1)
Open IPMI Viewer and connect to your server

Step 2)
Press “Cold Reset” button in BMC section then wait a few second. Wow! your BMC come back alive!!

Root cause for this issue still unknow. But what I’ve found is that IMPI service is running fine. just HTTP(s) service that crash.

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